Almost three-quarters of RTOERO members are active volunteers.

Our district is completely volunteer-led. Our dynamic volunteer team works together to offer a wide range of programs and services to our members.

Contact our president to learn more about volunteering with our district.

District 36 Peterborough volunteers jobs

Seeking Theatre Enthusiasts

Oshawa Little Theatre is seeking members of the community interested in helping out this not-for-profit charitable organization. Many of our volunteers are former or current […]

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Retired ESL teachers

A group of newcomers in Hamilton who have work permits but are not permanent residents (and therefore are not eligible for free ESL classes) is […]

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Educational Program Facilitator

Daily Bread Food Bank is proud to host school groups from grade 6 and above for site visits where they learn about food insecurity, the […]

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District 36 Peterborough Executive

Name Role Email
Lorraine Knowles President / Présidence
Kathryn Reynolds First vice-president / Vice-présidence
Martin Higgs First vice-president / Vice-présidence
Hilda Jolley Secretary / Secrétaire
Antoinette Thomson Treasurer / Responsable de la trésorerie
Georgina Eldridge Membership coordinator / Responsable des adhésions
Hilda Jolley Membership coordinator / Responsable des adhésions
Patricia Terryberry Goodwill coordinator / Responsable de la bienfaisance
Lorna Izzard Newsletter editor / Responsable de l’infolettre
Kathryn Reynolds Health coordinator / Responsable de la santé
Lorraine Knowles Political advocacy coordinator / Responsable de la mobilisation politique
Lorna Izzard Website coordinator / Responsable du site Web
Lorraine Knowles Corporate member 1 / Membre collectif 1
Kathryn Reynolds Corporate member 2 / Membre collectif 2
Lorna Izzard Alternate 1 / Substitut 1
Patricia Terryberry Alternate 2 / Substitut 2
Hilda Jolley Community grants coordinator / Responsable des subventions communautaires
Martin Higgs Governance coordinator / Responsable de la gouvernance
Hilda Jolley Social media coordinator / Responsable des médias sociaux
Lorraine Knowles RPW Organizer