District 36 serves the City of Peterborough and the surrounding rural areas of Peterborough County. We have approximately 1250 members.

District 36 is an active group and the executive strives to provide events and information to meet the needs and interests of all our members with a focus on healthy, active living, social and mental health.

Making connections between young people and our members is a district focus. One example are the ten High School Merit awards given out annually at secondary school commencements.

District 36 provides a variety of ongoing activities both monthly and annually.

Community Grants are another way by which District 36 supports our local community. Any local organization that helps seniors in our community have the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $4000. District 36 has had several groups successfully receive these grants. Hospice Norwood and Activity Haven Senior Centre Peterborough were the 2 most recent recipients and each received $4000.

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Members and growing

District 36 Peterborough President

Lorraine Knowles

District 36 Peterborough Executive

Name Role Email
Lorraine Knowles President
Martin Higgs First Vice-President
Hilda Jolley Secretary
Antoinette Thomson Treasurer
Georgina Eldridge Member Services Coordinator
Hilda Jolley Member Services Coordinator
Patricia Terryberry Goodwill Rep
Martin Higgs Newsletter Editor
Kathryn Reynolds Health Benefits Representative
Lorraine Knowles PAC Rep
Lorna Izzard Web Master
Lorraine Knowles Corporate Member 1
Georgina Eldridge Corporate Member 2
Shirley Hamilton Alternate 1
Lorna Izzard Alternate 2
Hilda Jolley Community Grant Rep
Martin Higgs Governance
Hilda Jolley Social Media Rep
Lorraine Knowles RPW Organizer

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